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Pocket Journals with a Purpose!

Updated: Aug 17, 2020


I LOVE journals...any kind...for notes, for drawing, for painting...just any kind. So, it was pretty inevitable that I'd start getting interested in creating my own. I watched a few tutorials, went to a few art and craft supply stores, (surprisingly not spending too much)...and then started putting them together & creating artwork on them... These are just the beginning I'm sure! Now I not only love journals, but I love making them too!

The size of these is great. They are 3.5" x 5.25"(I like keeping one in my purse for notes or grocery lists & one for quick drawings.) Click Here for a more detailed description & pics.

I'm going to be creating a video soon

on how to make them!


For the past several years I've been part of an amazing group of artists, (of all kinds), who go to Colombia, South America every year on a missions trip. Some in the group go many times per year & have been going for 7 years. As you already know, it's been a difficult year and especially for our friends - and their communities - in Colombia. The pandemic has left many without jobs and many without the means of even getting food to feed their families.

But, the churches, ministries and friends of ours, in Colombia, are doing an amazing work there, by giving bags of food to families, job training, and helping with other basic needs. So even though we cannot go, we are still raising money, as though we are, and supporting the ones who are there, doing the work.

So, I want to GIVE one of these pocket journals to anyone who would like to give toward our "Virtual Missions Trip". If you give $30 or more I'll send you one of these! For more information about the Virtual Missions Trip Go to .

To purchase journals Click Here 100% (for a limited time) will go toward Colombia. So, Gracias!!!

Here's some examples of styles:

Thank you so much for considering giving to our "Virtual Trip". It means so much!

By the way, join us as we create more art together! Monday, August 17th at 8pm.


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